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5 Digital Marketing Strategy to Follow in 2021


5 Digital Marketing Strategy to Follow in 2021

With the rapid advancement of technology and its further evolution, things are running mellifluously. On that note, digital marketing is the new hotcake in the market. It directly affects the way of marketing with its magic wand to convince the consumers in its best way possible. Digital marketers are pacing up with the new advancements, including changing algorithms, new tools, and, last but not least, deciphering the target audience’s needs.

COVID-19 has already caused a grinding halt. Quarantines and consistent lockdown have ruptured our daily chores. In this context, digital marketing is the only ticket for getting all the businesses up and running. Even the people who believe in traditional marketing, moving towards digital marketing. They have already spectated the benefits of digital marketing that include cost-efficiency and inclusivity for getting the maximum result.

According to a recent study, companies spending on digital marketing will get maximized ROI within a stipulated time. The future on investing will be smoother if they continue to walk on the same street.

In this article, we are going to discuss the present trends of digital marketing. These trends will be conducive for your business irrespective of the nature and magnitude of the same.

1.Focusing on micro-blogs & micro-moments

Since the inception of micro-moments, it has scattered on denizen’s mind with utmost relevancy. In its simplest sense, micro-moments are creating when people open up their computer or mobile devices to learn, discover, watch, or buy something. These moments are essential as they have already made their minds take any action based on the content. At this stage, customer expectation is at its peak.

With the aid of micro-blogging, you can take the information available on your website. For example, you want to entice the readers with the following key-phrase “best digital marketing company in Jaipur.” You can take the related information, accompanied by implementing the aforementioned phrase, to form a microblog.

Your target audience is leading a fast-paced life; that is why they expect speed and timeliness in reading content. On that note, microblogging can help to provide information in a precise manner. Small-sized information written a lucid language will help the consumers to grow a belief about your business.

For quick and effective results, micro-blogging will play a satisfying role. Incorporate micro-blogging in your digital marketing strategy now.

2.Influencer Marketing

As per HubSpot, influencer marketing helps the SME and the brands to reach dizzying new heights. For the same reason, people connect with the influencers to get honest and transparent insights about a particular product. Nowadays, brands are dealing with influencers for promoting a service or product. In turn, they can inflict trust on the mind of the consumers.

Doing consistent influencer marketing will help to gain maximum exposure. Ultimately, there will be a higher chance of getting an enhanced ROI. Brands have a micro-influencer for influencing the audience. Besides, they have nano-influencers who have followers in between 1000-10,000. Respect and strong connection are their plus point. With the aid of that, you can bolster your sales by 2X. Incorporate the same in your digital marketing strategy today.

You can measure the ROI from the latest influencer marketing campaign. Here how you can do the same-
• Track the conversion rate from the influencer’s image compared to the original brand image
• Cost per conversion from the ambassador’s images
• Order value receiving from the influencer’s image
• Value generating from the influencer’s conversion annually

Measuring the metrics will help you to understand the relationship of the influencer with the brand.

3.Email marketing automation

Most of the best digital marketing companies in Jaipur use email marketing automation. The upcoming year will focus on the user’s experience based on their demographic and psychographic factors. This entire process will be done by automation.

A time slot and email marketing automation also let you create automated email campaigns based on user behavior. You can also send personalized messages impregnated with relevant content. With the aid of email automation, you can save your precious time followed by coping with the customers’ actions.

Email automation also prunes your email list. It keeps your email list up to date, which shows your interest in your business. This practice will lead you towards more and more conversions, as you are spending your precious time and effort on the list’s valuable subscribers.

4.Personalized marketing strategy

According to the dipstick survey, most marketers are using a personalized marketing strategy. It helps to advance their relationships with the customers. In its simplest sense, personalized business changes according to their business without knowing them actively.

We hope you know about the personalized content about Amazon and Netflix. They have tailored recommendations of content based on your recent searches. Leveraging the power of personalization is vital to receive the maximum customers within a stipulated time.
You can save your money with personalization. With the aid of this digital marketing strategy, gaining profit and surpassing your competitor is just a matter of time. However, make sure you are using the appropriate content where it is needed actually.

5.Implementing Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is evolving with its technological stronghold. A chatbot is one of the latest innovations by which on-time and relevant answers can be provided. It is a program that uses AI for automating tasks. Nowadays, chatbots are there on the website pages. It allows the websites to get 24/7 instant support for sufficing the queries raised from customers’ end.
On the other hand, customers are using chatbots to get their answers instantly. A survey claims, most of the customers are chatting with the bots for a mellifluous communication with the brand.

Discuss with your team and implement a chatbot on your website. You can also outsource the task by communicating with the best digital marketing companies in Jaipur and hatch up your next steps accordingly.

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