Our Work Process

Our Work Process

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Our Work Process

At Cemdocs, we deliver a full spectrum of services – from application to development maintenance and support systems to businesses to meet their current and emerging needs.

The Waterfall Model

Waterfall model, the pioneer of SDLC is also known as Liner Sequential Life-cycle model. Our developers work on different phases of the project in a sequential manner to complete a specific task with clear goal in which progress lies downwards like a waterfall. They follow each step which include design, development ,testing, installation, operations, troubleshooting, analysis, and maintenance to offer flexible and scalable solutions.

The Agile Model

We imply agile methodology involving the incremental processes with a focus on flexibility and customer satisfaction. We divide each task into small time frames or time frame to deliver specific features for a quick release. As we imply to SDLC and agile model uses adaptive development methodology. We endeavour to develop custom functionalities that can be swiftly implemented and demonstrated in your business model.

Here’s a breakdown of how we work with our clients:

Discovery Phase

During the discovery phase, we get to know your business, goals, and target audience. We’ll ask you questions about your current marketing efforts, what’s worked in the past, and what hasn’t. We’ll also conduct research into your industry, competitors, and audience to gain a deeper understanding of your market.

Strategy Development

Based on the information gathered in the discovery phase, we’ll develop a customized marketing strategy that’s tailored to your business objectives. This includes identifying the channels and tactics that are best suited to your audience and goals, as well as outlining a timeline for implementation.

Campaign Creation

Once the strategy has been approved, our team will get to work on creating the campaign assets, such as ad creatives, landing pages, and email templates. We’ll also set up tracking and analytics tools to monitor the performance of the campaign.

Campaign Launch

When the campaign assets are ready, we’ll launch the campaign and monitor its performance closely. We use real-time data to optimize the campaign on an ongoing basis, making adjustments to improve performance and ROI.

Reporting and Analysis

We provide regular reporting to keep you updated on the campaign’s progress and results. We also conduct in-depth analysis to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. This allows us to continuously refine and improve the campaign to deliver better results.

Ongoing Optimization

We believe that digital marketing is an ongoing process that requires continuous optimization. We’ll work with you to adjust the campaign based on feedback, changes in the market, and shifts in your business objectives. We’re committed to helping you achieve your marketing goals and will work tirelessly to help you get there.

These are our work process.

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