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Our Work Process

Our Work Process


At Cemdocs, we deliver a full spectrum of services – from application to development maintenance and support systems to businesses to meet their current and emerging needs.

The Waterfall Model

Waterfall model, the pioneer of SDLC is also known as Liner Sequential Life-cycle model. Our developers work on different phases of the project in a sequential manner to complete a specific task with clear goal in which progress lies downwards like a waterfall. They follow each step which include design, development ,testing, installation, operations, troubleshooting, analysis, and maintenance to offer flexible and scalable solutions.

The Agile Model

We imply agile methodology involving the incremental processes with a focus on flexibility and customer satisfaction. We divide each task into small time frames or time frame to deliver specific features for a quick release. As we imply to SDLC and agile model uses adaptive development methodology. We endeavour to develop custom functionalities that can be swiftly implemented and demonstrated in your business model.

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